intelligenz Solutions™ is a privately held company with its origins in New Zealand. We are an international team, with experience in software operations in more than 30 countries. Our development, support and marketing teams have been together for many years. We have a culture of being completely customer focused. We have offices in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and the UK.

Our company's philosophy is based on several key practicalities:

  • We must provide the finest customer support throughout our multi-year relationship.
  • We must be easy to do business with, be flexibile as a company and have friendly, competent staff. We will hire the best talent to ensure that continues.
  • Our solutions must meet the business needs of our diverse customer base and include flexible licensing options.
  • We are in the business to make your business more efficient, effective and profitable. We will constantly focus on achieving that goal.
  • Our clients operate and manage hospitality businesses for some of the world’s most prestigious brands - we want to be a preferred partner of these companies and add value to them on a daily basis
  • We remain focused on the leisure, wellness, resort and hospitality markets worldwide, and gain a reputation for delivering to the highest standards: those of our customers.

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