Rosters & Bookings

The hallmark of successful businesses is to deliver quality services efficiently. Clients expect personalized services, and an increasing variety and complexity of activities.

Our solution gives you the flexibility to add any service and be able to book it quickly. Our solution is the industry’s most complete rostering and booking system.

We ensure you have the right people, facilities and equipment available, to match the changing preferences and bookings of clients. Available resources are always clear, booking priorities can be identified and the system is always 100% current.

Rosters & Bookings Key Attributes:

  • Microsoft Outlook like appearance
  • Customisable to your color scheme
  • View all bookings and locations side by side
  • Visual appointment book with drag and drop rescheduling and conflict notification
  • Complete record of all prior bookings, services and purchases
  • Priority ranking by day, where you offer personal services
  • Handles complex multi-client and group bookings
  • Fully automated email and SMS message notification system
  • Payment status always visible
  • Fast, secure, phone or walk-up bookings
  • All changes audited -- tracking by staff of every change made

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