Marketing and CRM

At intelliLeisure™, we understand that having a complete client history is extremely valuable to your business.

intelliLeisure™ enables powerful client tracking from initial prospect, to becoming a client, and the entire contact history is always available for you to review and report on, at any time, and over any time span.

We provide you with the ability to develop online surveys and questionnaires, before and after use of your leisure assets.

You can record every contact, comment, session and purchase over any time period.

Detailed profiles including medical conditions, photo's, document capture and client preferences, are accessible with the appropriate privacy security.

intelliLeisure™ offers SMS message and email options to communicate in addition to a range of powerful web options.

You can quantify referral sources, demographics, gender, and residential location. Through the powerful reporting within intelliLeisure™ you can now see what each client is worth to your business, and where you have opportunities to up-sell and gain recurring revenues.

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