intelliLeisure™ provides hundreds of relevent, reliable and comprehensive reports on every aspect of your leisure activities.

Whether you need to track staff, guests, services, products, commissions-due or yield, our collection of reports is almost certain to cover more than 95% of your requirements.

For that last 5% we provide services to enable you to get precisely the report you want, every time.

We don’t believe there will ever be a time where we will be able to say- “that’s all the reports we could ever need” - every business has some difference and we are happy to help give you the reports you need.

Reporting Key Attributes

  • Reports can be kept in a library for reuse
  • You define which Reports are available to which staff
  • New standard reports are added regularly
  • The report can be viewed on screen, printed, saved to a PDF or exported to Excel
  • Each report is printed with your logo or branding

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