The Solution

  • intelliLeisure™ Marketing & CRM understand that having a complete picture of your client is extremely valuable to both your business, and to your client.
  • intelliLeisure™ Membership Management provides a fully featured membership management system covering prospecting, membership sales, payment processing and Check-in.
  • intelliLeisure™ Course Registrations provides a fully featured Course Registration system covering swim school, kindy-gym and, any other course you offer, including payment processing and Check-in.

  • intelliLeisure™ Rosters and Bookings solution is the industry's most complete rostering and booking system.

  • intelliLeisure™ Staff Management enables managers to know at a glance who their top performers are and what they are achieving.

  • intelliLeisure™ Online Store, because every intelliLeisure™ client has a different objective with their online store, we build the look and feel of your web site with the attributes you need.
  • intelliLeisure™ POS & Inventory, With its predictive capabilities, allows matching of future bookings to supplies and other consumables to ensure you have the right quantities on hand at the right time.

  • intelliLeisure™ Reporting provides precisely the report you want, every time.

  • intelliLeisure™ Extend provides services to clients anytime, anywhere. If they are travelling far away from your facility they can continue to receive personal attention and services that are the hallmark of your leisure facility.

  • intelliLeisure™ Web enables you to build a rich experience to both those wanting to join, and to your existing members.

About Us

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